Castlerock brings you the best renovation team

W e strive to take your vision of the home and turn it into reality through use of most modern, state-of-the art materials, with an eye for perfection, working to turn your home into a work of art that reflects your personality and taste. Not only are our projects esthetically pleasing and will add value to your home, but they are also functional.

Everything we do, is done with the utmost respect and passion for our customers. We are always striving for perfection. And one of the main things for us it the customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is simple. Maximize the potential of the property with the client’s budget in mind, whether that be a simple refurbishment, structural renovation or high-end fit out. We build strong, trusted relationships with our clients through honest, professional and creative advice, cutting-edge design, craftsmanship and budget-conscious intelligent build solutions.

Castlerock Team

W hether you have just purchased a property, or need to completely freshen up your main residence, we are able to completely refit your living space. We can also undertake any conversion or extension to your property, to provide increased capacity. Castlerock is skilled at structurally adapting and changing your property, but also at implementing the refinements needed to create an impactful finish.

Our passion is helping clients love their homes, and do so with trust and transparency. We manage the whole renovation project from start to finish, so we are the perfect partner for busy clients.